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This website is for Canada and U.S. orders only. Normal ordering and processing policies apply. Please read the Terms and Conditions below, before placing your order. Please pay extra attention to terms # 36, 37 and 38 concerning typing errors and pricing. In the eventuality that such errors appear on your order, our staff will send you an e-mail correcting the information and the prices and accept your agreement before processing your credit card and shipping the order.

Your Name and Address must be identical to the name and address of the credit card you order from (see below). 
By submitting an order and/or using this online system, you confirm that you have read, understood, accepted, and agreed to be bound by our company policies just as if you sign it in ink.

At the time of delivery, an adult signature is required to release the package.

MEGA-PC ships products only to addresses you have authorized through your credit card issuing bank. If you wish to or if you already have requested to have your order shipped to an address other than your credit card billing address, then please contact the credit card issuing bank and have the new address be added as an alternative address to your file.

If this alternate address is not on file with the credit card issuing bank, then your order may be delayed or may not be processed.

Note to U.S. customers: Please select PayPal as your payment option.  Your credit card will be authorized and processed through PayPal, but you do NOT need to be a PayPal member, it is for authorization purposes only.


1. Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.

2. Canada and US sales only.

3. Warranties are valid for the original purchaser only, and only while the customer owns the product.

4. Prices are set at the time of order, regardless of price fluctuations. It does not apply to clear-out items, indicated "While quantities last".  When last item is sold out, it becomes unavailable and usually removed from website during next 12-48 hours.  Customers, who ordered clear-out items, will be notified by e-mail or phone about the product unavailability.

5. You understand and agree that information you provide is for the purpose of opening an account with MEGA-PC. You understand and agree that all accounts or money due to MEGA-PC shall be paid in accordance with the payment terms stated above or on your invoice and agree to pay all reasonable costs of collection in addition to any court costs and/or attorney fees incurred.

6. You, the purchaser, do hereby guarantee payment, as individuals, if any indebtedness incurred by virtue of any and all credit extended in accordance with terms and conditions of sale and MEGA-PC’ policies.

7. Manufacturers are responsible for all technical support and warranties of their products.

8. All software is provided subject to the license agreement that is part of the package. Customer agrees that it will be bound by the license agreement. MEGA-PC does not warrant any software under this agreement.

9. Product sold is not returnable and not refundable.

10. We sell original genuine CPUs which carry a full manufacturer's warranty. In case of OEM, AMD CPUs carry a 1-year, limited warranty when purchased with a proper cooling fan. OEM, Intel CPUs carry a 5-day warranty from invoice date, when purchased with a proper cooling fan. Your sales order will serve as your product warranty. During the warranty period, MEGA-PC will either, at its discretion, repair the product and materials or replace the product. Standard RMA procedures apply. You are not entitled to have your product replaced until MEGA-PC is satisfied that all other means to resolve the issue(s) have been exhausted.

11. Products carry a limited 10-day money back privilege from invoice date, excluding shipping, handling, and processing charges (15% restocking fee). All products must be in re-sellable condition, in original factory-sealed package, all documentation and accessories. Original shipping packaging must be included. Any manuals, cables, etc. that are missing will result in rejection of the return or in additional restocking fees, applied at MEGA-PC’s discretion. Returned product must be received by MEGA-PC within this 10-day period.

12. The limited money back privilege is not a warranty. MEGA-PC may change or cancel it at any time.

13. End-of-life or discontinued product may be offered by MEGA-PC as non-returnable and non-refundable.

14. Any discrepancies about an order must be brought to our attention within three days of receipt of your product, and will be resolved at our discretion. Claims made against MEGA-PC for discrepancies shall be disregarded if not made within these three days after date of delivery.

15. If you receive a defective product, please contact us within three days of receipt of product to arrange for an RMA number.

16. If an item is returned to us as if it is defective and MEGA-PC or the manufacturer determines that the product operates as described by the manufacturer, the product will be returned to you at your cost.

17. Defective products will be repaired or replaced with comparable product at our discretion. You are not entitled to have your product replaced until MEGA-PC is satisfied that all other means to resolve the issue(s) have been exhausted.

18. MEGA-PC pays shipping for replacement of defective part to you, as long as the part is still in warranty. It is your responsibility to get the item to and back from MEGA-PC. You may return defective product to MEGA-PC using your choice of carriers, as long as the service used provides some sort of tracking number, at your expense.

19. Customer is responsible for shipping charges and risk of loss on all return shipments. MEGA-PC highly recommends using a reputable shipping carrier capable of providing proof of delivery, as well as properly packing and fully insuring your return shipment. You are responsible for shipping, handling, and insurance costs for products you return to MEGA-PC.

20. No returns will be accepted without prior authorization by MEGA-PC and without a MEGA-PC RMA number.

21. Returns are offered for the original purchaser only and only while the customer owns the product.

22. RMA numbers are valid for 14 days only, and product must be received by MEGA-PC within the standard 10-day money back period (See 11). If MEGA-PC does not receive it within this time period, then it will be returned to you at your expense and without credit being applied.

23. RMA numbers must be displayed on the outside of the shipping package to be accepted. The RMA form must be completed and included within the package to assign the returned items to your account. MEGA-PC has the right to refuse any return that does not include a valid RMA number on the shipping label or that has an expired RMA number.

24. MEGA-PC has the right to refuse any return that a) is missing parts; b) is not returned in its original packaging; c) shows physical damage to the product or its packaging. Software cannot be returned for any reason.

25. Some product(s) may be sent to the manufacturer by MEGA-PC, even if the product was returned after the 10-day limited privilege interval. In this case, you are responsible for a) cost of delivery to MEGA-PC and then to manufacturer, c) return delivery from manufacturer to MEGA-PC and then to you, d) any other charges incurred, as specified by MEGA-PC or manufacturer. In this case, MEGA-PC is assisting the warranty service procedure and is not liable for your or manufacturer's actions, loss of product, acts of god, delays, or discrepancies between you and the manufacturer. Standard RMA procedures apply.

26. Physical damage due to improper handling or improper use of parts voids any warranty. Damage caused by unauthorized attachments, accessories, alterations, modifications or foreign objects also voids any warranty. MEGA-PC does not warrant and is not responsible for damage caused by the use of product for purposes other than those for which it was intended. Overclocking is considered miss-installation and non-intended use, and voids warranties on components. If you flash the BIOS and destroy it, you void any warranties.

27. MEGA-PC assumes no responsibility for incompatibility between products. MEGA-PC does not warrant and is not responsible for accessories or other products or services of other companies.

28. MEGA-PC assumes no responsibility for incidental, consequential, or other damage arising from a hardware failure.

29. MEGA-PC shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss or damages caused by a delay in supplying products and or services due to performances, or lack thereof, by any individual vendor(s) or manufacturer(s). In no event shall MEGA-PC accept liability of any kind including any special, indirect, punitive, incidental, or consequential losses or damages, even if MEGA-PC has been advised of the possibility of such loss or damage.

30. MEGA-PC will not be responsible for delays in delivery due to events beyond its control, shortage of materials, labor strikes, transportation failures, or acts of God.

31. The limited warranty stated above is the only warranty applicable to the product. Any implied warranty is limited in duration to the limited warranty period described above. No oral or written information (including but not limited to the limited money back privilege), or advice given by MEGA-PC, its agents, or employees shall create a warranty or in any way increase the scope of this limited warranty.

32. Fraudulent ordering, payment activity, or intent to deceive is turned over to appropriate authorities.

33. Canada law governs all sales at MEGA-PC. Venue and jurisdiction for all disputes will lie in, You agree to pay all reasonable costs of collection in addition to any court costs and or / attorney fees incurred.

34. All products mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

35. Prices quoted on this website are subject to change without notice. Products discussed on this site are the responsibility of the manufacturer.

36. While all attempts are made to ensure that information on this website is accurate, errors or omissions may occur. MEGA-PC is not responsible for typographic errors. MEGA-PC is not responsible for publishing, printing, price errors resulting from computer programs.

37. MEGA-PC’s policy is one of on-going product update and revision. MEGA-PC may revise and discontinue product at any time.

38. MEGA-PC reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of a sale at any time.

39. MEGA-PC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

40. Unless otherwise noted, all materials on this website are the property of MEGA-PC. Any reproduction of this material is not allowed without prior written permission.

41. MEGA-PC reserves the right to modify its warranty at any time, at its sole discretion, and without notice other than publishing it on our website(s).

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