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TrippLite 20 outlet PDU


Part number: PDU-TRI02
Mfg.Part No.: PDUMH20ATNET

Retail Price : $977.00
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detail description

Switched, Metered PDU with ATS - Power Distribution Unit with dual-input Auto Transfer Switching, individual outlet control and SNMP network interface
  • 1U switched PDU with digital current monitoring, network interface and 16 individually controllable outlets
  • 20A 120V capacity with 16 NEMA 5-15/20R outlets with support for L5-20P and 5-20P input connections
  • Connects to NEMA 5-20R and locking L5-20R receptacle
  • Optional Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) supports a variety of advanced fault-tolerant and redundant networking applications
  • Supports 2-7 ms. transfer between included primary and secondary line cords, even with out of phase power sources
Tripp Lite's 120V 20A metered PDU system with Automatic Transfer Switching (ATS) is a 16 outlet PDU with a digital display to indicate total PDU power consumption in amps. Outlets are factory programmed for sequential turn-on at 250 milliseconds intervals when the PDU is first energized to prevent inrush-related equipment interaction on startup. Installed web/network monitoring card enables remote power monitoring and control. Remotely displays status of input power, load capacity, and outlet power status via secure network or web browser interface. Offers individual outlet control to power on, off, or cycle AC output to regain control of locked-up servers and other network devices. Load ramping and shedding provides programmable power management to any type of network configuration.  Supports notification and logging of input power status, event notification, output power and load conditions. Supports 1U rack mount installation in a 2 or 4 post racks. Included are 16 NEMA 5-15/20R outlets and two 12 ft. L5-20P input power cords, each with secure 5-20P adapter.

 Optional integrated ATS / Auto-Transfer Switch provides a redundant power option for networking and server applications with non-redundant internal power supplies. In ATS mode, the attached power cord serves as the PRIMARY input and the included detachable cable serves as the SECONDARY input to the ATS. The ATS will normally maintain continuous output to all outlets as derived from the primary input cable. If the primary power source becomes unstable or fails altogether in relation to the secondary, the ATS will switch over to the secondary power source until the primary input is restored and stable. Super-fast switchover between primary and secondary power sources occurs within 2-7 milliseconds.  ATS functionality is supported by any two 120V AC power sources, regardless of phase angle, to offer support for a variety of advanced redundant power networking applications. Enables fault tolerant hot-swappable UPS protection when u

Key Features

  • 120V 20A metered PDU system with Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
  • Dual input input cords, one attached (primary) and one optional-use detachable cord (secondary)
  • Included cordsets support 5-20P and L5-20P plug-in connections via secure adapters
  • Front panel digital ammeter displays power consumption in amps
  • Web/Network monitoring card enables remote power monitoring and control of power to each outlet
  • 16 built-in NEMA 5-15/20R output receptacles
  • Optional ATS function enables setup for hot-swappable UPS maintenance bypass, dual UPS protection or dual AC input redundancy for critical single-corded network hardware (ATS function requires the use of a full time sine wave online UPS, like Tripp Lite's SmartOnline series)
  • ATS functionality is supported by any two 120V AC power sources, regardless of phase angle, to offer support for a variety of unique redundant power applications
  • Small 1U rackmount format installs in only one rack space with a maximum installed depth of 14.5 inches
  • Also supports 0U vertical mounting in the cable managment area of many rack enclosures
  • Individually controlled outlets provide load management to networked equipment
  • Sequential outlet turn on eliminates power up in-rush of connected devices on initial start-up
  • Super-fast switchover between primary and secondary power sources occurs within 2-7 milliseconds

Typical Applications

  • Ideal for configurations requiring a simple PDU that displays power consumption in amps
  • Optional-use ATS function makes this system ideal for adding redundancy to single corded devices
  • ATS function adds hot-swap and maintenance bypass function to standard UPS configurations

Package Includes

  • PDU with attached L5-20P input power cord
  • Detachable C19 to NEMA L5-20P 12 ft/3.6m power cord for optional secondary input
  • Two NEMA L5-20R to NEMA 5-20P plug adapters
  • Installable 1U mounting brackets
  • User manual with warranty information


Model Type Switched; ATS/Auto Transfer Switches
Voltage compatibility 120V
Frequency compatibility 50 / 60 Hz
Output VA 20A / 2400VA
Output nominal voltage 120V
Outlet quantity / type 16 NEMA 5-15/20R
Customized load management receptacles 16 individually controlled load management receptacles
Recommended Electrical Service 120V
Maximum input amps 20A
Input connection type 2 NEMA L5-20P with 2 NEMA 5-20P plug adapters
Input cord length (ft.) Both input cables are 12 ft / 3.6m - the cables each terminate to a L5-20P locking plug on the input side. Two included 6 inch plug adapters convert the locking plugs to NEMA 5-20P plugs
Front panel LEDs 16 front panel LEDs display power on - off status for each outlet, plus 2 LEDs for power status on each input line cord. Digital current meter display shows the amount of power consumption in amps for entire output of PDU.
Shipping weight (lbs) 16.4
Shipping weight (kg) 7.4
Unit Dimensions (HWD/in) 1.75 (1U) x 17.5 x 14.5
Unit Dimensions (HWD/cm) 4.44 x 44.4 x 36.8
Shipping Dimensions (HWD/in) 6.25 x 22.5 x 23.5
Shipping Dimensions (HWD/cm) 15.9 x 57.2 x 59.7
Unit weight (lbs) 12.2
Unit weight (kg) 5.5
Material of construction Steel
Style Rack mount
Form factors supported 1U rack mount
Relative Humidity Up to 95% (non-condensing)
Appearance Black 1U rack mount steel chassis
Certifications Tested to UL 60950 (USA, Canada), Class A (Emissions), NOM (Mexico), RoHS Complaint
(WARRANTY manufacturer)

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