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myFAX 450 Network Fax Server

Route and manage 4 fax lines using your network - fax to email

Part number: FAX-MYF01
Mfg.Part No.: myfax450

Our Price:

Route and manage 4 fax lines using your network - fax to email

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myFAX 450 Network Fax Server for 4 PSTN line
Up to 100 users
Memory 512M
Fax Storage : 8000 pages

Dimensions : 450 x 235 x 45 mm
Weight : 3,7 kg (Gross)
Power supply : 90-240VAC
Warranty : 1 year
Operating System  MS Windows 
Language  English 
Software Upgrade  Free 
Fax Speed  14.4K 
Power Protect  Yes 
Fax Resolution  98/196 DPI 
Status Indicator  Supported 
Auto Fax Send  Supported 
Fax Broadcast  Supported 
Failed Fax Resend  Supported 
Fax to Email  Supported 
Auto IP Number  Supported 
IP Dialing  Supported 
Fax Log  Supported 
Fax Printing  Supported 
Server Management  Supported 
User Management   Supported 
Fax Queue  Supported 
Address Book Limit  No ! 
Network Protocol  TCP/IP 
Remote Access  Supported 
Outlook Import  Supported 
Fax Line Type  PSTN (Analog) 
Standalone  Yes 
Record Voice File  Supported 
Auto Receive Fax   Supported 
Auto Fax Routing  Supported 
Internal Transfer  Supported 
Delay Fax Send  Supported 
New Fax Reming  Supported 
Local Fax Directory  Supported 
Fax Storage  Supported 
Fax View & Edit  Supported 
Electronic Stamp  Supported 
User Ext. Digit  User Defined 
Fax Log Control  Supported 
Address Book   Supported 
Fax Monitor  Supported 
Lightning Protect  Supported 

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